3DCoat系列產品 2021.21版本已經更新

3DCoat系列產品 2021.21版本已經更新

Since the launch of 3DCoat 2021 and 3DCoat Textura a few weeks ago, we received a lot of your feedback and comments, which allowed us to implement multiple changes and performance improvements to the programs. 

We strongly encourage you to download the latest 3DCoat 2021.21 and 3DCoatTextura 2021.21 Update available now! 

The key changes include: 

  • Huge improvements to the Drawing experience; 
  • Proper 4K Monitors adaptation; 
  • Bake shader with reflections in the Light Bake Tool. For PPP and vertex painting; 
  • Full support of Unicode; 
  • Functionality update for Tube/Toothpaste, Muscle Tools; 
  • Correct edges over the Curve tool; 
  • 2D-Paint/Carve remade to use Voxel Brush Engine; 
  • Design of the Materials/stencils control panel refreshed; 
  • Build tool implemented in terms of the Voxel Brush Engine; 
  • Immediate activation of the image dropped to the viewport and used as a stencil, for painting; 
  • Voxel Brush engine works correctly with stencils now; 
  • If you click on the slider and drag to change the value, the SHIFT decreases speed by 10x, CTRL - 2x, CTRL+SHIFT - 20x; 

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